About Me

Hello Readers,

I have always been passionate about money, wealth, and LGBT issues. I loved money from a young age, my parents successfully disciplined me by threatening to take away my allowance. I view money as a tool to bend the world towards your liking. Optimizing the deployment of money to shape my world is an on going struggle. In order to finance my world view, I earned two BS degrees in Engineering and a JD. I have changed my world a great bit already, going from a closeted broke college student to an out married well-off professional. Over the course of getting thus far, I’ve struggled with money, coming out, and how to ethically invest. I hope my struggles can help my readers find happiness through a perspective that aligns with their own. Together through acting in commerce we can make the world a better more inclusive place for all people, LGBT or otherwise.

– Fred, Mr. Dorothy Dollar

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