Is this Purchase About Dick Size?

We all know someone who buys the sports car, the huge truck, new boat, or other status symbol. We all know one of these people because they won’t shut up about it! Much of these things are rarely used or rarely used to their potential. Is this to make them feel better about themselves? Are these people compensating? Why is it less socially acceptable to talk about dick size than the gross amount of money spent on these things when there are much better uses? Talking about either around the water cooler are vile. However, a big dick will give you pride without talking about it. While a boat must be exploited in conversation continuously to bring pride.

I contend that bragging about huge expenditures does not make up for a little dick, but does make you a huge dick. While you get the pleasure of an expensive talking point, all I hear is, “fuck those LGBT youth living on the street and all other charitable acts. I need to feel like a bigger man and have self-confidence issues. Look at me I need positive reinforcement because I lack self-worth. I work hard for my money. I will spend it how I want.” Spend your money how you want, but bringing your wastefulness to my attention and I will not withhold judgement.

Well here is your face punch. Your dick does not look bigger next to that boat. When your money is gone the boys will be too. As you age the boat better get bigger to compensate. At some point no one will fuck you, and the boat will rust. Save yourself the money buy a bigger dick for $4K-5K and have the joy of always knowing you have a big dick. On the plus side, you will keep your trap shut at the water cooler about your new dick because you are smart enough to know that talking about dick size is vile – and you had to upgrade that tinnie weenie.

Do you hate braggers at work? Know someone with a penis enlargement? Tell me about it.

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