MOAR Money – Catalina Coupon Disconnect

MOAR Money – Catalina Coupon Disconnect

From time to time, I will share a trick to reduce cost or to make MOAR (more and roar) gay money! Normally with these techniques your millage may vary and sometimes geographical differences may occur with related store policies/management. It is always advised to start small with a trial run before scaling.

Several grocery stores subscribe to a register coupon program called Catalina. You may have seen the coupons that print either during or the end of an order. These coupons are not traceable or track-able by the grocery store – they are separate programs. Because of the grocery store system being on one program and Catalina being another program the lack of comunication durring promotions can mean profit.

In one situation, every time Astroglide lube was scanned a Catalina coupon for $5 off KY lube would print. I would void the Astroglide and purchase the cheapest KY lube product I could find about $3. I would be paid cash for the coupon overage thus getting paid to take KY lube out of the store. Sold tons of lube on eBay = Profit!

Another situation, when a visa gift card was purchase a $10 off order Catilina coupon would print. The Visa has about a $5 activation so net $5. Not bad, however, Visa cards can buy Visa cards. Keep buying Visa cards with Visa cards using the Catilina – it is like turning on a slow money printing press. Normally stupid gift card promotions happen November – December.

Once you understand that the Catilina coupons are not linked to the stores computer system in regards to inventory, completing a purchase, returns, ect., you will start to understand when a promotion that uses Catilinas may be exploited. Do a trial run. If the trial works scale quickly before the store catches on. The lube coupon I was eventually asked to leave while carting out most all the product. Just be nice and leave.

There is one store in the Midwest that is particularly poor with their understanding of Catalina. I will not give out their name because why kill the golden goose. However, I will say they are a superstore that HRC has rated poorly on their treatment of LGBT. Hopefully that tidbit will make you look at the HRC’s list and change your shopping habits.

Have you benefited from Catalina? Tell me about it.

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