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From time to time, I will share a trick to reduce cost or to make MOAR (more and roar) gay money! Normally with these techniques your millage may vary and sometimes geographical differences may occur with related store policies/management. It is always advised to start small with a trial run before scaling.

Citi Thank You Points can be cashed out in various ways, money, items, mortgage payments, gift cards, and student loan payments. Maximizing the benefits of the point you received can really hurt the value or help the value of the points. The value of the points can vary greatly.  For instance, a $50 gift card is 5,000 pts, $50 cash is 10,000 pts, Fitbit flex wireless wristband $100 value on Amazon is 12,400, and a $50 student loan payment is 5,000 pts.

So as you can see gift cards and student loan payments are best and cash is awful. Student loan repayment is better than gift cards because it can never be gotten at a discount and it already a cost you have. You might be thinking, I never went to college, I have no student loans, I paid those off. Well this is one of those times that a phone rep from India and a written script are your friend. Thank you will never in the scrip make you affirm that this is a student loan.

The rep will confirm your identity, give you a point balance, thank you for being a member, then ask how to help.  You will tell them a student loan payment and give them the name of the lender (husband, wife, family member with different last name, your company). If you have a spouse or family member with a different last name the script will not prompt the representative to question who the loan payment check is made out to.  The rep does not know the difference between Sallie Mae and Bill Smith. Then sit back and wait for the check to be delivered to your home. Deposit the check in the account of the party it was made out to.

How do you like to cash out points? You hate this method? Tell me about it.

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