The End of the Party

I remember back to being a young twink, the horny old men, drug slingers, and constant gaming. It is not really a secret gay men love sex and for some they chase youth their entire lives getting older as the guys get younger or stay barely legal.

These old crones drugging twinks, paying for sex, or trying to play sugar daddy at one time were young hitting on guys around their age.  Now they have to go to extremes to get their fix of tight ass or young dick. While I do not have an issue with age disparities, there are many more old fools then young dumb and full of cum twinks. This means that the old men for the most part are left unsatisfied. Why would you place yourself in a position to be loved for your cash? Why waste gay money on a sham relationship?

The oldies downfall happened when, they did not realize that the party was drawing to a close – or still reject the notion that the party is over. As their friends coupled up, left the bar scene, and grew up, they made younger friends wore clothing teens wear trying to save their tarnishing youth. Flaunting the success of their blooming career to fake-ass bar friends. Because of the lust for youngness they have given up on a relationship based on more than a lust for youth. While it might have taken a couple drinks to take home a twink at 28 at 48 the bartender knows your credit card by heart. The oldies have achieved diminishing returns, the party is over! Now that the party is over, the oldies are the leftovers – the bits of grizzle of a steak. Sure someone might eat the leftovers if they are hungry or destitute. Quite a great way to set up a long lasting relationship.

The quote, “Age is just an number” is wrong. Your age dictates where you should be on this journey called life. What does a gay man in his 40’s and a gay eighteen-year-old have in common? They both like men and both like money. To somehow suggest that their is more is just setting yourself up for a mess. What do two forty-year-olds have in common a great deal before they even talk – they both experienced life and may both be similarly situated as far as money, career, housing, view points, and may know what good and bad wine is.

Now you might say that I am over generalizing, and to a degree – I am, but I can show you far more old crones who chase young flesh than happy couples with age disparities.  When a relationship is based on the youth of one member then as the youth fades what is there? Nothing.

So what is an old piece of grizzle to do?

  • Get realistic – do you want to play the game your whole life?  If so just realize the guys sleeping with old men are hungry and destitute upon initial meeting. One the cock craving or purse has closed they will most likely move one without another reason to stay. Don’t fool yourself – you’re no Anderson Cooper.
  • Take pride in yourself and your body. If you honestly would not fuck yourself why do you think someone younger should.
  • Stop looking at twink/college guy porn. Look for muscle daddy porn, silver fox porn, ect. No sense lusting after something when it is not helping you find a lasting relationship and is programming your standard of beauty.
  • Figure out what lasting relationships are based on. Hint: you should notice most of your list has little to do with physical appearance. Maybe you should give an average age appropriate guy a chance.
  • Stop worrying that dating someone older will somehow age you… Time has already done that it is just that you do not realize it.  No one is buying that you have been 29 for the last 15 years. You just look insecure – not like you have not aged since then.
  • Find friends your age. If they would not help you with car problems they are not friends – they are bar accessories.

Do you feel I was fair? Over generalized? Other tips for oldies? Tell me about it.

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