What is Dorothy Dollar?

pink money

What Dorthy Dollar is not about: One true way to happiness, One way to make gay money, One way to do anything.  Lots of websites the presenter took one version of how to be happy to the extreme. Mr. Money Mustache preaches thrift and self reliance, Early Retirement Extreme preaches bare-bones living to save money to retire early, various minimalist blogs preach experiences or things to live a simple life, and it is definitely not affiliated with Gay Money by Kirby Larson who takes the rainbow of people that are gay and paints us all as circuit drug users. The problems with every one-size-fits-all approach is happiness is not defined the same by all people. Further, happiness is rarely an extreme.

What is Dorothy Dollar? Dorothy dollar is a term used to refer to gay money, pink money, in the USA.  In the United States, gay people are on average economically advantaged, with 28% of gay households reported as having an income in an excess of $50,000 a year [http://www.rainbowreferrals.com]. The LGBT community is quite possibly one of the most diverse communities and is aptly appropriate that the rainbow be the symbol for our diverse community.

With all that gay money, spending, investing, and donating in an informed way, holding the companies and charities responsible for views counter to your views of inclusion and equality. And rewarding view points similar to your own can change our world. While the shear buying and lobbying power of the Dorothy Dollars is hard to match, few websites exist aiding LGBT people on money issues apart from several list of shameful companies to boycott. Hopefully the website will become a place to consult in how to best use those dollars, how to make some more, and find happiness.