You Might not Get It …

You might not get it if you discriminate.

Life is great! In America, the mixing pot, all types of people living all sorts of lives finding their own version of happiness. When an LGBT person discriminates against another group, racial group, or other LGBT person that person clearly does not get it. This has become more and more a problem with the internet and ability to hide while snipping other peoples character traits. You may be a masculine gay man that none would suspect is gay, however why should you feel free to debase Blacks, Asians, feminine acting guys, or drag queens.  Congrats, you can hide who you are in the rest of the world. The rest of the world would still treat you as just some queer if they found out, and lump you in with the very people you debase. Quit lowering your own stock!

Minorities need to end ridicule of other minorities, end debasing the value of whole segments of the population. While the majority may hate a particular minority of the week today, all people of differences without universal acceptance are subject to be the flavor of hate the next week. As a minority, when someone verbally attacks a Jew or Hispanic, I get riled up and protest. For surely if hate is flung at Jews or another group, LGBTs are on the hate list whether masculine or drag queen.

The Hasidic Jews have this right. If you do not know of the Hasidic Jews they are deeply religious and put hardcore Christians to shame with their religious devotion in their everyday lives. They mainly are concentrated in a small section of NYC. Many are very professional people earning more than a large swath of the population. With these deeply religious people and conservative view points you may assume they are raging Republicans – you would be wrong. Hasidic Jews are mostly Democrat. Why would this segment that has lots in common with the Republicans not vote that way? They are a religious minority that has experienced hardships only a minority may understand. While Jews are not the flavor of hate lately, never forget what hate and division can do to minority groups. Ethnic cleansing is a true evil that must always be opposed.

You have a responsibility to help other minorities even if the type of happiness they enjoy is different than yours, because no matter how masculine and white you are to someone else you are just another faggot that needs to die. This sort of flavor of the week hate needs to be replace with a louder universal acceptance that can only start on the personal level in opposition towards the hateful jabs. You are an ambassador, an ambassador of the world you want to create. Make your world one that does not tolerate hate.

Have you experienced hate from another member of the LGBT community?  Do you stand up for minorities you are not part of?

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