Snap is Crap

Snap is Crap

I don’t beat up on the poor but lately celebrities, politicians, and various groups have been pimping the poor. I abhor pimping out one group when you are totally un-relate able to that group. These people try to raise awareness on the plight of the poor being able to feed themselves. They have done this by promoting typical Americans to live like the poor and eat like the poor.  They challenge and complete the SNAP challenge.

The rules of the SNAP challenge are:


  • $4.15/day/person for food and drink.
  • All food purchased and eaten in this time must be counted in total spending.
  • Do not eat any food purchased prior to the start of the Challenge.
  • No free food.
  • Try to eat healthy.

The reason why the challenge is false and misleading, first, the challenge is to be done with the money being spent each day. If the funds were available on day one for the whole month like they become available for SNAP users than it would be a better comparison. Secondly, the dollar amount is the average amount (~$124) given, not the maximum (~$189). With the average the poor are expected to use some of their own money to pay for food, where during the challenge the only money for for is the average benefit. Now $6.30/day/person might not sound like a lot. However, on sale that would be 5 dozen eggs, 3 loaves of bread, 6 bags of carrots, one bag of potatoes, six gross frozen burritos, or two gallons of ice cream.  As you can see it would not be too hard after the initial stock up. Each month minus a couple restaurant purchases, we meet the food spend requirements.

What is your take on the SNAP Challenge?

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